A Wave from Nova Scotia with Fiddleheads, Scallops & Wine

Greetings from Halifax, Nova Scotia folks! Swap some of the wooden houses for the occasional pink or yellow concrete house mixed among some grey, and some dilapidated thatched cottages, and truly you could be in Ireland. I can see why everyone has been saying that they are similar places to me now. I love it.

I flew in yesterday and was mighty sleepy post flight, but that didn’t stop me going out and buying some fiddlehead ferns and local scallops to cook up for a quick lovely supper. Food is actually quite expensive in the shops here (surprisingly), yet scallops are very reasonable as they are plentiful in local waters (ours were from Digby), as are the local fiddleheads as they sprout up everywhere at this time of year.

What’s a fiddlehead? It’s the gorgeous curled frond of a fern as it grows. Think green bean meets asparagus. As you cook it, it gently uncurls. It’s a perfect partner for scallops, we added some spiced sausage too which was like the tenor for the singing troop. The firm hand to guide the dish to your taste buds. With a big healthy salad on the side, it was perfect.

To complete, we had some Nova Scotian wine with it. A delicious lightly sparkling number first for aperitif (I do like an aperitif!), Nova 7 from Benjamin Bridge. Gentle and fragrant of rose and lychee, it is a perfect summer drink that is very light in alcohol (I think about 9% from memory).

Great start to a week I am very excited about. Back soon with some photos and more details.



Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.