Editorial Policy

Content on Eat Like a Girl is all authored by me, Niamh Shields, and is a pursuit of passion and obsession for good food, cooking and an understanding of food culture everywhere.

I have been writing this blog since 2007, and prior to that I had been obsessively cooking and travelling as much as I could for years (much of it from my armchair via cookbooks).

I test all of my recipes thoroughly, most come from my head, some from books I love. I love full flavoured food and my recipes are accessible and easy to replicate. My background in science means I think logically, and as a self taught cook, my frustrations with recipes that were not clear or did not work as I was learning, drive me to write recipes that are clear and easy to follow. I don’t include unnecessary steps, everything in my recipes is integral to the dish. If it isn’t necessary or too fussy, I take it out. 

I have eaten at hundreds of restaurants, cafes and street food stalls all over the world, from the street to the stars. This informs my cooking, and has given me a considerable breadth of experience when it comes to reviewing restaurants. When travelling I can visit 12-14 restaurants in a week, sometimes more when there are street food stalls to try too. When at home in London I average 3 a week but often more. So, I know restaurants, and I love them and I can judge food and a restaurant experience keenly. Knowing and criticising restaurants is all about experience, and having a knowledge of food.  

I choose only to write about the restaurants that you should go to. Restaurant reviewing is part of Eat Like a Girl but it is not the core focus. If I have a bad experience, rather than revisit to get a fair picture, I choose to let it go. I prefer instead to spend my time and money on the restaurants that I really rate and that I am interested in. I am not driven by trends, instead I love to find places where the restaurant team have a clear passion for great food and an excellent dining experience. In London we have many of these, and they keep me busy.  

Eat Like a Girl hosts occasional sponsored content. This is always indicated clearly. This usually takes the form of partnership content with brands (recipes, travel guides etc), sponsored travel content and occasional hosted meals.