Sponsored Content on Eat Like a Girl

When this blog turned 7, I had to seriously look at how it could grow and how I could have more time for it. I was blogging full time, but realistically, the blog was still extra curricular and I relied on freelance writing and other endeavours for my main income. This wasn’t working, the reality was that I was working harder than ever before and had  even less time. I was too tired to put as much energy as I wanted into the blog, and I was feeling completely burned out.

Having chatted with many successful full time bloggers on my travels, I decided that I would try the sponsored content model (as newspapers and magazines do with advertorials, and many blogs now do too). I don’t know why I left it so long to explore this, it is normal to get paid for what you are good at, it is what everyone does. But it is complicated, it must be well thought through and fully disclosed.

The result here is that, occasionally, I work with selected brands and producers to produce relevant sponsored content. This helps pay for this site (hosting, design, development) and also to fund my other content (travels, eating out etc.), and of course, pay my rent. Any work I do is with the greatest respect for my valued readers, and it is always 100% transparent.

The brands that I work with are always carefully selected and we work together to produce interesting collaborative content that is relevant to you, and useful. Think magazine and newspaper advertorials, except I always write them. These are fully disclosed at the start of the post and in the title. I have worked with brands to produce video (from food producers to supermarkets to tourist boards), and photography too.

If you would like to work together, please contact me on hello@eatlikeagirl.com. I am open to all conversations. Please include details on your brand, campaign and budget and we can see if there is a possibility to work together. 

Examples of Sponsored Content on Eat Like a Girl.