And into the FIFTH Year for Eat Like a Girl! Help Me Celebrate…

For the third year running I completely forgot about my blog birthday. The 4th birthday has passed and I am now in YEAR FIVE! Crazy, isn’t it? I should have baked a cake. For now we will have to settle for my crappy improvised graphic above.

What a rollercoaster ride it has been! This last year especially. I took the jump and left my job, having left once before to do the market, and returning to the workplace for 3 days per week following that while I worked out my book proposal and all that jazz. So, I am now working full time as a food writer. Did I just write that?

I have written my first book, a cookbook called Comfort & Spice for Quadrille. Quadrille are one of my favourite publishers, how thrilling! It has gone to print and will be in the shops in September. I do hope you all like it as much as I do.

Very excitingly, I was shortlisted for the Observer Food Monthly Blog Award last October. Sadly, I didn’t win. This might be because I didn’t ask anyone to vote for me at all, which was pretty foolish of me. It didn’t seem right to canvas for your votes, but that was really silly as that is how these things work, isn’t it? I do appreciate that to be shortlisted without asking was an amazing achievement and I am really grateful for that – thank you.

Which brings me neatly to: the voting has started for this years OFM Awards and I would be thrilled if you thought that this little space was good enough for a vote. It takes little time, you can do it online, and really EVERY VOTE COUNTS. I would be so delighted and appreciative of each and every one. Not to overstate it, but to be shortlisted again would make my year.

To vote, just go to the voting form and put in your details and in the food blog section vote Eat Like a Girl / Other categories would love your support too if you had favourites there.

Vote in the OFM Awards here:

Thank you :) x



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