Announcing! Fingers in Pies, my new podcast, is LIVE! Episode 1: Asma Khan

I am so very excited to tell you that my new podcast, Fingers in Pies is finally live. It has been a long time coming. I first started planning it 5 years ago, I bought the kit 4 years ago, and I invited my first guest 4 years ago too. I have spoken of it often since. Life intervened and I was never really in a space to get it moving. Until now.

I got back to my first guest this summer, Asma Khan. Asma is one of my favourite people in food in London and I have had so many great chats with her over the years. I asked Asma again if she would still be my first guest. I was keen to share her passion, joy and knowledge with you. This was before I heard that she would be the first British based chef on Netflix Chef’s Table. I am so excited for her.

Asma moved to the UK after her marriage. She moved in winter in the bitter cold. She had never experienced cold like that, and had never been so lonely. She didn’t yet know how to cook, and she shares with us her journey from cold and lonely immigrant, hungry for home and community to author, restaurant owner in Soho in London and soon to be, Netflix star.

Fingers in Pies Podcast Episode 1: Asma Khan of Darjeeling Express

I was learning how to cycle. I passed this house where someone was making paratha and I stood outside in the bitter cold. I wept. I wept in anger at myself that I could not ring that bell and go and ask this person to share their food with me. The smell; it reminded me of everything I left behind. I was very, very raw. It also hurt that it was a really cold day. The kind of cold that was biting and cutting through me. It wasn’t a nice place to be.

I was never going to go back to that place standing in the park with my cycle on the floor weeping. From that day I realised that I will never cry because I’m hungry. I will never cry because I miss home so much. I’m going to not only cook but I’m going to create a space for other people who are feeling like me now, and who can come and find refuge.

I am so thrilled to share it with you and very grateful to Asma for being such an open and generous guest. Her story is deeply inspiring. Her restaurant Darjeeling Express is wonderful and this is where we recorded it too. 

I am so excited to share more episodes with you. When you have listened (and I do hope it gives you as much pleasure as it does me!) I would be so very grateful if you took a few minutes to review it. This is what ITunes cares about, and in order for them to make it visible, it needs reviews. 

Fingers in Pies is available on iTunes (link below), the iPhone/iPad app and the Android app. You can listen to it here too!

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