Bacon the Cookbook Flash Sale now on! Make it a #SummerOfBacon

Hello folks! 

I have declared it a #SummerOfBacon, and to celebrate there is a Flash Sale on Bacon the Cookbook for £18 (instead of the retail price of £25).

It is a bit of a bargain!

For £18 you get:

 – one of 2021s most colourful and enthusiastic cookbooks

 – with a scratchproof cover, because it will live in your kitchen!

 – with 80+ recipes covering every possible mood and occasion

 – accessible and fun – because it should be fun

Get your signed copy over on

This offer applies while stocks last.

Shipping to the UK is £3, Ireland is £5 (and there are no additional VAT or import charges), to the rest of Europe is £7 and to the rest of the world is £15. All postage is subsidised by me so this is a particular bargain for all overseas orders!

If bacon is not your thing, I have lots of new recipes coming, and I am also working on the new updated 10th anniversary edition of Comfort & Spice which will publish later this year. 10 years! How did that happen? It has the most joyful cover (it is not finalised yet, but it is close), from the same designer as Bacon the Cookbook, Tim Biddle, and it will have a matching interior.

Comfort & Spice will go on pre-sale at a reduced rate once it is ready to go to press, I will advise here. It will have all of the -157- original recipes! The original wonderful photos from Georgia Glynn Smith will be included, along with new illustrations and some new photos.

The publication quality will be the same as Bacon the Cookbook. I am so thrilled to be shaping this little family of cookbooks styled to match my enthusiasm, and love not just for food but for books, colour and design. I can make decisions around environmental values too, for example, all of my books are printed on FSC certified paper, which is from sustainable and managed sources, as well as being recyclable.

It feels great to make decisions that match my values and to publish books that I love. I always knew I wanted to be an author, I didn’t realise that I also wanted to be a publisher until I started writing books and realised that I wanted to make those decisions too.

I hope all is well otherwise, and you know where you can find me regularly between now and the next recipe post: on instagram, twitter and facebook! I share lots of food stuff on instagram and facebook especially. Twitter is more of any everything space, but if you are on there, come say hi! 



Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.