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I woke up groggy this morning, and started my morning ritual of peeping my arm out from under the duvet where I am otherwise mummified, seeking my iPhone, where I quickly check twitter before contemplating getting up and showering. This is a protracted ritual for I am highly distractable and wont to get out of bed.

This morning I had a lovely message from a fellow twitterer, suggesting I buy The Times, as they had listed me in “Best of the Blogs” in their weekly food supplement “The Table”. How lovely! But I was still in bed and I really wanted to see it. No better firecracker to get you to haul your carcass out the door!

I purchased my copy, noted an article on homemade stocks to study later, and a few other nice pieces (it’s worth a purchase), and there I saw my little corner, and very nice it is too. So, thank you Nick Wyke and other Times food people! You made my day.

If you’ve just come here from the Times and you want to see what they were talking about the posts they referenced are here:

My Posh Lunch Club exploits, where I eat weekly at one of London’s many fine dining establishments, and eat only from the set lunch menu, which makes a lot of them fantastically affordable. Recent Posh Lunch Club excursions were to Galvin Bistrot de Luxe, The Ledbury, The River Cafe and Terroirs.Girls Just Want to have Steak! (Girls Steak Club at Hawksmoor, London)

A Butchery Class at Allen’s of Mayfair


Butternut Squash, Chickpea and Spinach Curry
Roast Pork Belly, cooked simply
Courgette Carbonara

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