BBQ Clams with Gojuchang and Sake

This recipe is the second in a series of 4 that I developed in partnership with the Big Green Egg who sponsored this post. (Read more about sponsored content on Eat Like a Girl). Previously in this series: BBQ Teriyaki Pig Cheeks.  It is a bank holiday weekend and the sun is shining, I bet most of you had your barbecues out. I sparked up my Big Green Egg this evening as I do often now, and I used it to do something a little different. I wanted something quick and fresh and spicy, and I wanted it to be a little smoky too. I had some wonderful clams, bought explicitly for the purpose. Perfect little clams that I had soaked in a few changes of water just to make sure that they had relinquished all their grit.  When you think of the BBQ, you probably think of kebabs, burgers and steak, beer can chicken, meat in marinades, low and slow cooking so that the meat falls off the bone. But cooking over fire doesn’t need to be just like this, there is so much pleasure in cooking in cast iron over an intense flame. For this purpose I wheeled out my small cast iron frying pan.  I love clams in sake, it is a combination that works so well, the dry sake combining with the clam brine. With the smoke I wanted some spice, and I reached for my pot of gojuchang (Korean red pepper paste), a favourite cupboard ingredient, deeply flavoured and hot. A little does a lot, and the flavour it lends hints at much longer cooking. A little brightness to finish with some finely chopped spring onion, and some coriander would be lovely too if you had that. Enjoy and have a wonderful Bank Holiday! (And if you are in Ireland, line this up for your bank holiday next weekend!).      Print BBQ Clams with Gojuchang and Sake Rate this recipe 1 2 3 4 5 6 ratings Ingredients per person 400g clams 1 tbsp gojuchange 150ml sake 2 spring onions (scallions), chopped fine light cooking oil sea salt (if needed) Instructions Fire up your BBQ (I brought my Big Green Egg to 240 deg C). Put a seasoned cast iron pan in the BBQ / egg and add a tablespoon of oil. After a minute or so add the gojuchang, stir it round and then close the lid of your egg / BBQ. Add the drained clams and stir through giving all the clams a good coating of the gojuchang. Add the sake and stir through. Close the lid of your egg / BBQ and check a few minutes later to see if all the clams have opened, stir through again. Close the lid if they haven’t and check again a few minutes later. You likely won’t need seasoning, but check just in case. Sprinkle with spring onion and eat immediately, mopping up the juices with lovely crusty bread. 4.14 Copyright: Eat Like a Girl Comments comments