Breakfast of Champions at Hawksmoor Guildhall

It takes a lot of love and curiosity to get me out of my bed and on the tube at 7am on a Monday morning. Especially when I had gone to bed at 1am, and woken again at 5.

Hawksmoor can inspire this. This morning, I accidentally became one of the first official customers at the new Hawksmoor Guildhall. I was invited to breakfast last week during the soft launch, but there were some problems with the kitchen, so they kindly offered me a breakfast at my leisure to compensate. I picked today, as it was the friendliest day in my diary, to discover that it was the first day that the new Hawksmoor was officially open when I arrived. Not that you could tell, everything was perfect from service to coffee to steak.

This is the third in the mini steak empire, now three branches strong. Based in Guildhall near Moorgate, this is the first branch to serve breakfast, from 7 am Mon – Fri. I quite like the way they ensure that every branch has an individual touch.

We had to try the steak and eggs with crisp delicious hash browns. A 25og rib eye with two eggs and two hash browns is £21, and it’s delicious. Served perfectly medium rare (at my request) with gooey egg yolks to drag your steak through, this protein powerhouse should see me through lunch.

My friend ordered a Sausage & Egg HkMuffin (£8.50), the cheeky Hawksmoor take on the McMuffin, also available for Sunday brunch at the Spittalifields branch. The custom sausage is gamey and moist, the cheese oozing and the muffin huge. He loved it and I quite liked my taste of it too.

We drank Climpsons coffee – coincidentally the coffee that I am drinking at home now too – brewed in a chemex to give the purest taste possible. There wasn’t a trace of bitterness, just lovely smooth coffee. We ordered another. Out of curiosity, I also ordered a Green Juice, a super refreshing blend of cucumber, apple, pineapple and green pepper. It was gorgeous.

We finished with a some pastries – an incredible plum and custard doughnut that is the nicest thing to pass my lips in a while – and a pecan pastry, also delicious but somewhat in the shade of the doughnut. Although, yet again, nicer than any equivalent I have had recently. These surprised me, it is a steakhouse not a bakehouse, and I can see myself going to this steakhouse for mid morning coffee and pastries in the future.

It is Monday morning, and I have rather a lot to do, so I sadly didn’t indulge in any bloody marys or other breakfast cocktails on this occasion.  I do want to go back and disgrace myself by indulging in too many starting with the Climpsons Martini to wake me up before progressing through the Marmalade Cocktail and the Salty Dog. Also the Cornflake Hardshake with a shot of bourbon. Many more too in food including the giant Hawksmoor breakfast to share featuring trotters, bone marrow and all sorts of umami rich meaty goodness.

There’s much more to try and I left Hawksmoor smiling, wanting more, and feeling like I had made a great start to my week. I can’t wait to go back and explore.

Hawksmoor Guildhall
10/12 Basinghall St.
020 7397 8120




Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.