British Columbia, Canada, in Pictures [Part 1]

I have so many things that I wanted to write about, and I had planned to today. After a day of visiting vineyards and then an evening editing photos I am all out of energy. Rather than write something dull and uninteresting and lacking any passion, I thought I would share some of my photos from the trip with you instead. There are some I really love, and not all would actually fit in with any post I might write. I have taken hundreds.

This is the first of two posts. Enjoy, and I will be back soon with the next photo post and then some lovely detail. When I am a little more awake and have the energy to enjoy it. Because one thing is for sure, if I don’t enjoy writing it, you won’t enjoy reading it.


Tiny planes I have been zooming around British Columbiain

Dim Sum breakfast in Richmond

Deep fried crispy chicken skin at a Taiwanese restaurant in Richmond

The Okanagan Crushpad – really interesting winery in the process of moving to biodynamic

Drinking a Gewurztraminer slushie at Kettle Valley Winery -so delicious!

Crabapples in Okanagan

Nk’ Mip Cultural Centre in Okanagan

Bob at Nk’Mip Cultural Centre performing a smudging ceremony

Wine tasting at Stoneboat Winery

Garlic Festival in Okanagan

The lovely folks at Forbidden Fruit Winery – terrific wines too

The Pleasure is Ours (in Okanagan)

Best pumpkin display I have ever seen

The Dark Side – at Seven Stones Winery – terrific Meritage

Feeling corny



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