British Columbia, Canada, in Pictures [Part 2]

Good morning folks! Doesn’t some sleep make the biggest difference?

I felt at the end of my tether last night. I woke up thinking “oh my god, won’t that guy just stop talking about that toaster?!”. In my dream someone was talking incessantly about one. Only I quickly realised that the guy was on TV and had thus invaded my sleepy head. I fell asleep with the TV on.

I am off this morning to Salt Spring Island with Island Time Tours (who I also travelled with yesterday). A wonderful day lies ahead.

For now, and for you, the second part of my photo post. I decided to make it three as I had too many to squeeze in here. So, come back tomorrow for the finale.

Eggs Benedict at Shine Café, Victoria, BC

Hugging a 500 year old cedar on Vancouver Island, BC

Xavier of Cherry Point Vineyards

Xavier of Cherry Point Vineyards with his lovely wines

Cider tasting at Merridale Cider

Prettiest spittoon I have ever used at Venturi Schulze vineyard – terrific wine and balsamic vinegar too

Balsamic vinegar that is over 40 years old, and balsamic vinegar barrels at Venturi Schulze

Enrico Vineyard, BC

Fun tasting and lovely wines at Enrico Vineyard

Short Rib & Truffle Poutine at The Bengal Lounge in Victoria, BC

Enjoying the short rib & truffle poutine :)



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