British Columbia, Canada, in Pictures [Part 3]

View from the ferry to Salt Spring Island, BC – the view is of the Gulf Islands

Yesterday, I wrote a post extolling the virtues of a little sleep. This morning, or rather this afternoon, following far too little sleep and an overnight flight from Victoria via Vancouver, I am a shell. Restless legs are my permanent accomplice. I don’t even have the mind to cook. I need to sleep. But not yet, I want to write first.

The past 9 days in British Columbia flew by and I am left with such a positive impression. What I saw was food with such integrity, and people preparing it and serving it who really cared. They care about the provenance of their ingredients, not just because it is trendy, but because it is good. They care about sustainability both in fishing and agriculture / viticulture. The cooking and execution, in the main was great too.

These pictures are from Tuesday, when I visited terrific Whole Beast Meats who use the whole pig carcass and make lots of charcuterie, bacons etc. I then travelled to Salt Spring Island in the Gulf Islands between the US & Canada, and visited Salt Spring Vineyards, Salt Spring Island Cheese, had a terrific lunch at Bruce’s Kitchen . I finished my day with a bacon martini and some very good dim sum at the Hotel Grand Pacific, finishing with a wonderful dinner at Aura, in the Inn at Laurel Point, where conveniently I was staying. My expectations for hotel restaurants are never very high, but the cooking here was fantastic. I focussed on the seafood, including some of the best oysters that I have ever had.

This post is my last BC photo post. I have more photos from the last day but they are few, and the best will be included in the posts which will follow. I will publish a travel guide too, as some of you have requested one. It makes sense also, doesn’t it?

Cory & Geoff at Whole Beast Meats with some impressive looking (and smelling) bacon

Jackalope at Whole Beast Meats –

I love a ferry journey! Love the water.

This is a real bus stop chair on Salt Spring Island


Pumpkin field

Delicious champagne method sparkling wine at Salt Spring Vineyards

Rosé tinted glass


Gorgeous homemade bacon, homemade ricotta & kale tart with beetroot & quinoa salad, roasted plums & homemade mustard at Bruce’s Kitchen

Bruce at Bruce’s Kitchen – terrific food and lovely guy. So knowledgeable too. I have his bacon dressing recipe to share :)

Bruce’s Kitchen – I like his style

Beautiful sunny afternoon, outside Bruce’s Kitchen

Fabulous little fish shop

Sculpture garden at Duthie Gallery on Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island Cheese

Bacon martinis at Hotel Grand Pacific

Superb oysters at Aura, Inn at Laurel Point

Beautiful sablefish at Aura, Inn at Laurel Point



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