Celebrating the tomato

It’s National Tomato Week this week, so what better week than this to celebrate this wonderful fruit.

Bright and cheery, it’s a regular visitor to my table, whether for breakfast in huevos rancheros or homemade baked beans, or for an evening meal in clam linguine, prawn curry, mutter paneer or homemade pizza. Not just a pretty face, tomatoes are packed with antoxidant goodness, lycopene in tomatoes is thought to have anti-cancer benefits and is associated particularly with a lower risk of prostate cancer.

I made a trip to Borough Market yesterday morning to visit the Isle of Wight tomato stall, it’s a wonderful, colourful place full of tomatoes of varying shapes, colours and sizes. The Isle of Wight gets more sun than any other part of the UK and so they produce beautiful flavoursome tomatoes there. I opted for some startling (and enormous!) heirloom tomatoes to cook with this weekend.

Unfortunately, I’ve no recipe for you now as I am about to head out the door for a bank holiday Sunday brunch, so, I thought I’d share some of the lovely recipes from other blogs and the web with you, so that you too, could celebrate the tomato.

Smitten Kitchen has a lovely Cherry tomato and green bean salad.

There’s gorgeous pasta with fresh tomato-avocado sauce at the Traveller’s Lunchbox.

Beyond the blogs and in traditional print, Mark Hix has a recipe for Slow roast beef tomato with goat’s curd and pickled walnuts in the Independent and Allegra McEvedy has a recipe for Fasoulatha in the Guardian.



Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.