Choo Choo! All Aboard the Bacon Jam Train! (Recipe)

Bacon Jam. Stop, take a moment, and say it out loud. Bacon. Jam. BACON JAM! Yes, that is what I am talking about! Feeling excited?

So, bacon jam first came into my life some years about when I heard that they sold it in the US. I promptly spent a fortune and ordered some, paying the same in postage as for the jam itself. I fell in love.

I had to have more so I came up with a recipe. It was earmarked for the book but I decided not to put it in (although I do think that was stupidity now) so I never blogged it. It’s my recipe so, as you can imagine, there is lots of spice and big flavours.It’s delicious, and almost as good as my chorizo jam, both recipes will find their way to you eventually!

I am in Nova Scotia now, and when I got to the airport my eye was drawn to a visitors booklet called Taste of Nova Scotia. It has lists of places to try and also some local recipes. One of these was for seared scallops with bacon jam. The recipe was quite different to mine and I was keen to try it. It has coffee in it for one (genius – it accents the smokiness).

The local scallops are very good here and super reasonably priced. I found some smoked scallops at the farmers market and that was it, I was making it. I have used the Taste of Nova Scotia recipe from Shelley Steventon of The Old Fish Factory as a base but made some changes. I didn’t use Tabasco, instead I used chipotles in adobo which gave it lovely depth and smokiness (substitute with normal chilli or 2 tbsp Chipotle tabasco sauce if you can’t get it). I also added a little more sugar and then some red wine vinegar which gave it a lovely tang (I love cider vinegar and there is some in the recipe too but the red wine vinegar adds another layer when added towards the end). Otherwise, thanks very much Shelley for bringing this into my life!

This is terrific with scallops and in a BLT too – just add lettuce and tomato, or just on crackers. It is best served warm. You will love it, you will become addicted. I hope you don’t get gout (I hope I don’t get gout!). Enjoy :)

Bacon Jam Recipe


500g streaky bacon (it has to be streaky), chopped into small dice
4 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1 red onion, finely diced
50g brown sugar
50mls maple syrup
50ml cider vinegar
1 tbsp red wine vinegar
250ml fresh brewed coffee (NOT instant – important)
2 chipotles in adobe (1 chillies – NOT 2 tins!), finely chopped


Sauté the bacon over a medium heat until starting to crisp.

Take the bacon out and fry the onion in the bacon fat until softening but not coloured. Add the garlic for about a minute.

Transfer the bacon, onion, garlic to a large pot with the rest of the ingredients (excluding the red wine vinegar). Simmer gently for one hour, adding a little water every 30 minutes if required (I only had to do this towards the end). Add the red wine vinegar in the last 5 minutes.

Shelley recommends pulsing it in a food processor briefly (to retain the course texture) although I felt it didn’t need it as the bacon was chopped quite small.

Ready to serve. Will keep in the fridge too although I doubt you will have any leftover.



Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.