Coconut & apricot snowballs

coconut & apricot snowballs

It’s silly season! Lots of socialising, lots of fun, (over)eating and drinking. I have been trying and failing to save myself for my impending two week break – my office xmas party got the better of me last week, then I had the pleasure of an old friend visiting, which naturally involved lots of eating, partying and late night chattering.

I have withdrawn again in an attempt to gather some energy and tie up some loose ends before I make my journey back to Ireland, but, before I did I called to a friends for her annual xmas drinks last weekend. She had (as always) the most amazing spread. One of the many things that I couldn’t stop eating were these little coconut & apricot snowballs – they were just beautiful. I enquired after the recipe and was shocked at how simple they are, they are so delicious, I thought that there must be some complicated technique behind this, but no, it’s one she has been making since childhood: quick, simple & dare I say it – approaching healthy? They’re also very pretty and festive, like little fruity snowballs, hence I christened them coconut & apricot snowballs.

Thanks to Rachel for the recipe! I’ve brought them into the office today and everyone is most appreciative :)


200g + 50g dessicated coconut
250g dried apricots, chopped into sixths or eighths
1 x 400ml tin condensed milk


It’s this easy: mix the 200g coconut, apricots & condensed milk. You should have a texture that is thick and gooey and very rollable as in the pic below.

Roll the mixture into walnut size balls and roll in the 50g coconut.

Store in the fridge for a couple of hours and then serve.




Written by Niamh
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