Come Join Our LIVE Cooking and Cocktail Show TODAY at 5pm!

Hello! Greetings from Lockdown London and my tiny kitchen! I am opening up my home to you live on Zoom to share with you some of my favourite easy dishes.

Come join us on Zoom for our new LIVE show, The Cooking and Cocktail Show, at 5pm this evening! Drinks extraordinaire Oisín Davis and I are co-hosting. I am doing the food, simple tasty and gorgeous stuff that you can easily recreate at home, and Oisín is applying the same philosophy to his drinks. He is already an expert at recreating fab cocktails using simple home kit that you have already.

Instant Mini Rhubarb and Rose Cheesecakes

We had our first episode last week and it was all about rhubarb. I made Spiced Lamb Chops with Rhubarb and Instant Mini Rhubarb and Rose Cheesecakes (and I will be sharing both recipes with you this week). Oisín showed us how to make his rhubarb cordial and how to make a gorgeous Tom Collins cocktail with it with a favourite Irish gin.

Spiced Lamb Chops with Rhubarb

This week we are heading to SPAIN! We are going to share simple recipes with you to liven your lockdown evenings. I will be sharing some favourite tapas recipes inspired by my travels to Spain. Two veggie, one meat and one seafood tapas from me and Oisín has a fabulous easy to recreate cocktail and a twist on a Spanish classic drink up his sleeve to share with you.

We would love you to join us! We embrace all interaction, you can ask us questions and chat with us. But it is only live. So you have to be there! Come on over to Zoom at 5pm or just before and use our Meeting ID 85036832178. If you have not used Zoom before, don’t worry, I hadn’t either. It is dead easy! Give yourself a little time to set up your account so you are ready and in the room for 5pm.

Can’t wait to see you then!



Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.