Comfort & Spice Update! New Lovely Cover

Comfort & Spice! Remember that? My cookbook! It seems so long ago that I handed the manuscript in and I have been travelling so much since. We are drawing closer to the publish date now though (September 5th) and it is getting exciting.

Exciting, and I am slightly nervous, I must confess. It is normal to be so, I think. Especially for your first book. I have put so much of myself into it, it feels a little raw. I think it must be like watching a first child go to school and hoping that they will be ok. Of course I am very proud of it too. I just hope that you like it as much as I do.

I love the new cover. The first cover was a temporary one and this one I feel really represents me and the content a bit better. As one reader said, it’s roast beef pink too!

So, don’t forget you can pre-order it on Amazon, and if you do you will get it earlier than in the shops. It is usually at least a week earlier, from my own purchases. If you hit “like” on the amazon page (just beneath the title on the amazon page), it helps increase the profile of my book page on Amazon too :)

On a seperate note, the OFM Awards votes close this week on the 24th, so don’t forget to get your vote in! If you want to just vote for the blog section, you can do that too, and it just takes seconds. Every vote does really count, and I appreciate yo taking your time to do it.



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