Craved – the Best British Craft Food & Drink – and a Voucher

This post is a carefully selected sponsored post sponsored by Craved London, who asked me if I would explore their offering and share the results with you. I loved it. Craft have gathered the best craft food and drink produce from the UK and will deliver it to your door. Would you like 20% off with which to try it? Just use the code LOVENIAMH on the Craved website – – and enjoy! 

I love craft. From cooking to pom poms, my life has been steeped in it since I was a small girl. It is that passion for craft that led me to start this blog. Craft cooking and shining a light on the most interesting people, places and producers that I find.

I love independent delis and restaurants, and I love small food producers making everything with love and care. There is a new wave of exciting craft food and drink producers in the UK but they are scattered from Dalston to the Hebrides. Craved London have gathered the best of it on their online shop and will deliver it to your door. 

On Craved you can find all sorts of craft drinks (beer, wine, spirits and craft mixers).  Tea and coffee too! Lots of craft food, charcuterie, cheese (including the Bermondsey cheese made by Kappacasein, purveyors of one of Londons finest cheese toasties in Boroogh market), jerky, pickles. Lots more. Craved also have subscription clubs: a beer and jerky club, a gin club, a cheese and charcuterie club and a club for latest releases. Perfect for gifts for yourself and your nearest and dearest, right? There are more general gifts and corporate too, and ones that you can put together yourself. 

I love that Craved are championing craft producers and giving them a space and a voice. I took the service for a test drive. 

My order arrives in a smart bag, all carefully packaged and secure in corrugated cardboard. I opted for a mix of savoury, sweet and drinks.

Bermondsey Hard Pressed Cheese from Kappacasein


Kappacasein make one of London’s best cheese toasties in Borough Market. When I saw they were making a raw cheese in London, I had to try. Bermondsey hard pressed cheese made by Bill, a cheesemaker trained by Swiss cheesemakers and formerly of terrific Neal’s Yard Dairy before starting Kappacasein raclette and toasted cheese stall in Borough Market. Bill has turned his attention to cheesemaking now, producing a raw cheese with organic milk. This is a very small production gorgeous cheese and a rare product. Highly recommended!

‘Nduja from Cobble Lane Cured


How much do I love ‘nduja? THIS MUCH (spreads arms wide). The hot spreadable pork sausage from Calabria is a joy, and I always have some in the fridge. I like Cobble Lane Cured charcuterie, and was keen to try the ‘nduja, so into my basket it went. ‘Nduja is traditionally a combination of Calabrian chillies (which are HOT), pork meat, and pork fat. I was interested to see a mix of different chillies here, including the joyful Peruvian yellow aji amarillo. This is a super smooth and slightly smokey ‘nduja. Combine it with the cheese above and make the toastie of your dreams.  

Marshmallowist Marshmallows


I love the joy of a fluffy marshmallow. I make them at home but not often, as you know it takes time and if I make 60 marshmallows I eat 60. And that is no good, even on the best day. The marshmallowist marshmallows have great flavour and bounce, and are so fluffy. I had raspberry and champagne & passion fruit and ginger. Both fabulous. What a treat. Not all of them made it to the photo shoot as I couldn’t help myself. So good!

Dalston Chillies Original Hot Sauce


I am a slave to chilli and I adore proper hot sauce. I have 25 chilli plants in my garden at the moment, that is how serious I am. Dalston Chillies weren’t on my radar until I found Craved. This original hot sauce is made with 70% scotch bonnets sourced from West Africa (sourced there for the tropical fruit notes West African scotch bonnets have). This is hot and fresh and fruity. It will be a regular in my cupboard. 

BTW Tonic Water Syrup 


Who doesn’t love gin? Tonic is so important too. I wanted to try the BTW Tonic Water Syrup (Bermondsey Tonic Water). Hand crafted to a traditional Victorian recipe, using quinine extracted straight from South American Cinchona bark. The bark is soaked slowly in small batches, producing a well balanced clean and crisp tonic with no other aromatics added. Commercial tonics tend to use extract from bleached bark which delivers the clear tonic that we are all used to. BTW by contrast is a murky brown, but it is delicious. You can lengthen it with soda water or follow one of their cocktail recipes provided on the packaging. Craved also sell BTW pre-prepared tonic water, which I will be trying next time. 

Peat Smoked Sea Salt Flakes


Did you know that I collect sea salt? Salt has terroir like everything else, and I bring back the best of whatever I can find. For cooking I use standard sea salt but salt like this Hebridean smoked sea salt I use to season my breakfast eggs and my BBQ meats. I love the texture of this salt and the gentle smoke flavour. Craved sell their seaweed salt also, and a terrific looking black garlic sea salt from the South West Garlic Farm

Cool Chile Co Mexican Hot Chocolate


I already love Cool Chile Co. I stock my larder with their chillies, and their corn tortillas are my favourite to use at home, especially the fabulous blue ones. I had never tried their hot chocolate though, so I popped that in my basket. It is a rich gorgeous combination of cocoa, almonds and cinnamon, and it may be summer, but have you ever dried iced chocolate or cocoa tea? An absolute winner. (And maybe a recipe I should share soon!). 

Try Craved with an Eat Like a Girl exclusive 20% discount 

Like this? I have a discount for you. Just use the code LOVENIAMH as you checkout on the Craved website. That will get you some BTW Tonic Syrup or some Kappcasein cheese and ‘nduja or lots of marshmallows. Also on my list to try: pickle juice from The Pickle HouseHibiscus Cordial from Woodford and Warner and real lemonade from Dalston Cola.  There is a world of craft beers to try and gorgeous treats like Clementine, Black Cardamom & Saffron Marmalade from The Modern Pantry. If you haven’t sampled Gusborne Blanc de Blancs, you really must try it. A bright British sparkler to rival any champagne. 

Enjoy! And do let me know which products I next need to try. 



Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.