Declaring an End to the Travel Ban: a Wee Trip to Scotland

How Now Scottish Brown Cow?

So, that travel ban. It lasted 6 weeks instead of 2 months. 6 whole weeks I stayed put in London.

I decided that I had better do it, when after a series of quite intense long distance trips, I found myself exhausted and slipping behind with my work at the end of February. Something had to give, and sadly, just for a little bit, it had to be the travel. So, I carried on with anything planned and cleared May & June for some downtime and focus.

It could never last and I got itchy feet. I simply didn’t want to stay put for as long as I had planned. I love travelling so much and all of the work stuff started to come together really quickly. I also find 6 weeks a perfect period of time for any project. I throw myself into it, get it done, and then am ready for the next one.

Just as I stuck my head over the parapet, Talisker organised a trip to their distillery in Scotland and invited me on it. I jumped. I love whisky anyway (and Irish whiskey too), a tipple now and then and to purists shock, in a cocktail. I even cook with it. Why not? If you use the best tasting ingredients you get the best tasting end results.

Whisky is a complex drink with often quite savoury flavours. We tasted many, the stand out for me was the Talisker 30 year old which screamed porcini to me, in the best way possible. I always find food in everything I taste.

Talisker distillery from the air

Talisker is based on the Isle of Skye, which is really very remote and difficult to get to. So. we went by helicopter. We started the first day with a trip to Cardhu, a new whisky for me.

I must be brief for I have little time today, but what struck me was the passion and commitment to their product. I am a big geek at heart and love the detail behind making an aged single malt. The combination of European oak sherry barrels and American oak bourbon barrels. The patient wait. The analysis and combination of different barrels. The bottling. Then the aged whisky at home by the fire.

For now, some photos, I will be back with more on the whisky itself soon.

Drummuir Castle

Cardhu distillery

Drummuir Castle

Bouquet of herb flowers picked in the castle garden. I couldn’t resist and I hope they don’t mind. They had LOADS! ;)

A whisky as old as me! I had to try it. Unfortunately I did quite late in the evening so no tasting notes :S

Scottish Highlands from the helicopter

Scottish Highlands from the helicopter

Talisker stills

Talisker tasting

All set for a boat trip on the Isle of Skye

Boat trip




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