Dine with Dos Hermanos at Casa Brindisa

Jamon at Casa Brindisa

I don’t write enough about the food & drink things I do, and I do alot. It’s an awful shame as I go to lots of great things, and always take lots of photos, so I’ve decided, rather than neglect to blog because I fret about having the time to write and do it justice, I’ll do it justice through my photos.

Dine with Dos Hermanos is a very fun and high quality event, run frequently by Simon Majumdar of Dos Hermanos and Eat My Globe fame. He does it for fun and not for profit, and showcases some really good places in London, some excellent producers that otherwise have a limited voice, and all at very reasonable costs.

That is how I found myself in the private room of Vinoteca in February with some blogger friends, seated across from an Artic Monkey no less, and how I recently found myself at a really enjoyable dinner at Casa Brindisa in Kensington.

Simon knows some very generous people, and the wines are often offered gratis, and they’re always good. There are always goody bags (nice!) and the meal is usually a bargain too, as was the case this time, with, if I recall, 5 courses for £40. Cillar De Silos provided some delicious wine to accompany the sherry supplied by Casa Brindisa themselves. The generosity doesn’t stop there, there are also prizes, and I was delighted to win a tea tasting from the Rare Tea Company to be held in my own home.

The nice thing about these events is Simon does them for his readers and he passionately promotes really excellent and often small producers, so if you’re keen, be sure to join his facebook group and watch out for the next one.

Simon’s write up is here. Over to the photos!

Sea bass with Morcilla de Burgos and Piquillo Peppers

Smoked and salted anchovies


Tempura Monto Enebro Cheese drizzled w/ Orange Blossom Honey

Prawns a la Plancha

Salt Cod & Jamon Croquetas

Pulpo a la Gallega

Iberico Pork Tenderloin

Crema Catalana

Esalada de frutas with olive oil



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