Dinner By the Sea at Agua in Barcelona

I grew up near the sea and I really miss it. That fresh salt air that sweeps through your lungs, slaps your face and wakes you right up. It makes you feel alive. Barcelona is happily on the sea and there are several restaurants on the beach. A leisurely evening beach walk perked our appetites and we started with drinks and some tapas outside, before moving inside for more tapas then dinner.

We ate at Agua, a stiff contrast to the traditional tapas bars it is a bright modern restaurant, spacious and airy. I feared style over substance but happily it delivered very well on both. Traditional rice dishes were gorgeous, and the tapas as good as anywhere in central Barcelona. You pay a little more, but it is worth it. The bonus is you are next to that lovely light roaring sea and beautiful light. Large windows allow you to revel in the glory of the sunset.

You will have to forgive my lack of notes on the dishes, I was busy eating and generally enjoying myself but the pictures should help. Highlights of the meal were the patatas piccantes, gorgeous sliced fried potatoes in a glorious rich dark savoury sauce. It reminded me of a spicy tapenade but was in fact dried chillies with tomatoes and onions. Asparagus with romesco was simple and perfect. The gazpacho poured at the table was beautiful and summery and as good as any I had in Andalucia.

The main course highlights were their arroz (rice dishes) and the fiduea with clams, one of the cheaper dishes at €16, a gorgeous slow cooked rich noodle dish scattered with clams in the shell. A dessert of wild strawberries in a  light custard with black pepper was a tad large but delicious – I recommend you share it if you order if you start with as many tapas as we did!

Highly recommended for a glam and traditional take on Catalan cooking.




Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.