Easter roundup

I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter, and that, like me you are all full and tucked up nice and warm :-)

I am at home in Ireland, and so, generally enjoying other people’s food (roast pork today! mmm), so I don’t have anything to share with you bar a picture of my Easter egg. Other blogger’s have done wonderfully, so I’ll share a few of my Easter favourites from the web. I am full and feeling a little unhealthy after all this indulgence so I have been focussing (mainly but not exclusively) on the healthier recipes.

There’s Roman Easter Soup at Serious Eats.

Pille, at Nami Nami, made marbled beetroot eggs.

On a similar theme, Eating out Loud has chinese tea eggs.

Not on my savoury buzz? Prefer something sweeter? There are seriously beautiful Golden Easter Eggs on the Kitchn.

And, finally, Cream Puffs in Venice made Easter Egg Nest Cupcakes.

Enjoy the rest of this chocolatey day!



Written by Niamh
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