Eating Argentina: The Unexpected Magic of a Roadside Parrilla

Well, hello! What's this?

Some awful days have the most amazing ways of turning themselves around. Take last Monday. I was stranded in Buenos Aires due to that nuisance of a Chilean volcano ushering an ash cloud east. No flights were to be had out of Buenos Aires so my long planned Mendoza trip was on hold and I was at a loose end. What to do?

I took a random decision to hit Buenos Aires on a bicycle and see what the city might hold. It was a wonderful day, made extra special by my phenomenally bad sense of direction leading me to a motorway on my bicycle.

I know.

(But don’t worry it has a great ending)

Bicycles aren’t allowed on the motorway, as I quickly found out, and so I got off and walked only a short distance before I spied some red chairs and a food truck. Well, what could it be?

Next to a crazy motorway where trucks whizzed and dirt whirled was the most amazing roadside parrilla (Argentinian BBQ), run by a young guy and girl and frequented by truckers.

They thought my arrival curious and hilarious, so promptly handed me the most terrific sandwich with a slice of meat cut from some beef ribs and some super spicy chilli sauce (most unusual in Argentina, they don’t like spice).

My pigeon Spanish wasn’t much use but enthusiasm and hand signals powered me through, and that terrific sandwich, the fantastic two who run the parrilla and those truckers made my holiday.

I loved it so much and found it so magical, in an attempt to share it, I turned it into a cartoon for you (from my photographs).



Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.