Foodie bits & bobs from elsewhere

The Guardian launched their 2007 Food Directory last Saturday. It was available as a supplement to the Saturday Guardian but is also available online. It’s a nifty little thing, you choose your region first and then the type of food producer/shop you are looking for. Worth a look!

Also, from the Guardian, more specifically Word of Mouth, Jay Rayner posted an interesting piece about food bloggers as critics, inspired by a piece in Montreal’s Gazette.

Prestat, The Queen’s chocolatier, have launched a new chocolate, Choxi, that claims to be naturally good for you. They describe it as an extraordinarily yummy chocolate that has up to 3 times more antioxidants than ‘ordinary’ chocolate. It’s got to be tried!

The bible of authentic Spanish Cookery, 1080 recipes by Simone and Inés Ortega, has been published in english by Phaidon (who also published the fantastic Italian equivalent – The Silver Spoon). I’ve ordered my copy and am anxiously awaiting it! In the meantime, Phaidon have a 1080 recipes feature site with links to PDF’s containing some preview recipes, for people like me that can’t wait. The recipes include Galician Stew & Stuffed Andalusian Chicken. There’s also a recipe from the book featured on Word of Mouth – Fillet steak with caramalised onion and Torta de Barros – with some background on the book from one of the contributors. Another bit from the Guardian, I know, but there was lots of good stuff on it last week.

It is the season for all things pumpkin, so I have been trawling the web looking for some nice pumpkin recipes.

Lara, from Cook & Eat, made the most gorgeous dessert I have seen in a while – pumpkin pie filling in pretty baby pumpkins (called munchkins?). What a great idea! Her photos, as always, are just beautiful.

Chow have a nice looking pumpkin curry that looks quick and tasty.

I will be trying this pumpkin pie brownie, from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.

Karina’s Santa Fe Pumpkin Chowder, over on Gluten Free Goddess looks delicious and will be one of this winter’s, winter warmers I expect.



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