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This is kind of a follow on to my food blog digest last week, except, it’s more inclusive. It’s more about interesting food things I’ve spotted on the web this week as opposed to a blog post about food blogs.

Stuff on the web:

If you live in London and are into Chinese food there’s an interesting article posted on DIM SUM (the Chinese community website) on where Chinese people eat in London. Royal China does fantastic dim sum, they’ve a few locations now but the most popular seems to be in Bayswater. Angeles (see last blog post) makes the cut too.

Chowhound have posted a topic about Goat Butter which is quite interesting. It’s very easy to get in the UK but I have never developed a taste for it (despite being lactose intolerant). St Helens Farm do sell goats cream (available in Waitrose). I love the subtle goaty flavour and would recommend trying.

The BBC food site have a Bastille Day Menu.

Food Blog Bits:

I bought alot of fruit at the farmers market this week and am all about desserts. Here’s some dessert links:

Fanny at Food Beam has started her internship at Pierre Hermé and has some beautiful photographs of the delicacies there.

Keiko at Nordljus has made the prettiest desserts – Perry Jelly and Summer Berries with Elderflower Mousse.

Nicky at Delicious Days has made beautiful strawberry dumplings.

& one coffee link. Because I really like coffee and absolutely agree with this:

It’s over a week old, however, Warren Murray talks about the state of coffee in London and the perfect cappuccino on the Guardian Food Blog, Word of Mouth in How’s your Crapuccino?.



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