Gotcha! April Fools Day, Restaurant Style

I had to quickly share something with you that caught me out and made me laugh. Konstam’s April Fools Menu. I should be ashamed to admit I believed it, it’s pretty ridiculous, but – hey – I was busy, in the middle of ten things and have a gullible disposition at the best of times. And I’m sticking with that.

So, I used to work near Konstam, the restaurant famed for sourcing everything within the M25 (a motorway that circles London) known to most through the TV show “The Urban Chef”. I loved lunch there, and I love the way they cook, so despite now working miles away, I still receive the emails. It’s like culinary masochism. Every day I look and think how I can’t have it and how crap Victoria is for lunch options.

Today’s menu came through and I read the email.

I’d been pretty busy and in truth my brain was frazzled following a series of meetings, so I thought, intriguing! Wonder what this is about?

So, I opened the attached menu (click image to see larger size).

Konstam April Fools Menu

I thought – wow – Camden Town peacock soup with sour cream & nutmeg! They cooked a peacock?! Wonder what that tastes like. At Braised North London iguana with onion & allspice salad & sour cream, I began to smell a rat. Next pan-roast London Zoo giraffe neck fillet, purple sprouting broccoli, almond & barley salad and pan-fried, aquarium-reared hammerhead shark with mashed potato, braised chard & apple balsamic & garlic dressing. I knew I’d been had, and laughed a lot. I’m still chuckling now.

It brought a smile to my day. I hope it does to yours too :)



Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.