Greetings from Buenos Aires: Now *Almost* Awake!

Rabbit Empanaditas on the terrace (oh YAWH!)

Greetings from Buenos Aires folks. I am on holiday – true – but have also been working writing more recipes, so I don’t feel like I am on holiday just yet.


The beauty of being on holiday here in Argentina, is that in the lovely hotel that I am staying in (Fierro Hotel), I can work from my desk in my room and eat Rabbit Empanaditas (with rabbit, onions, nuts and apple) served with a gorgeous sweet and sour sauce. I will definitely have to try and make something similar when I get home!

Otherwise there has been steak, and it’s as good as you’ve heard. The portions are enormous too. I had a half portion of steak ribs for lunch yesterday and had to waddle home after. (I had also had another large empanada and some morcilla – you just have to try, don’t you?).

I had such steak and malbec confusion that I tried to pay the waiter 4 times the price in the wrong currency. Thankfully he was honest and kind. He was actually quite cross with me and told me off. I then gave him a really generous tip in thanks, which seemed to annoy him further as he clearly thought I just didn’t get it. Hey ho.

Gorgeous heated roof top pool (*sad face*)

And it is for this reason sadly, and for many similar ones that preceded this, that I won’t be exposing my empanada pocked bod-ay at the rooftop pool. Next time when I am a slim jim once more! When I started blogging I was a svelte size 10 and a big eater, so it should be ok to get back to it, no?

Sorry, I couldn’t hear you, I was eating an empanada.

Ciao for now folks! Back soon with some steak stories and some Buenos Aires tasting menu action. A supper club too! (Although they are called something else here).



Written by Niamh
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