Greetings from Sweden: Postcard No 3

And, here we are! At the end of the Lapland trip. It was so wonderful. Beautiful countryside, lovely people and so interesting and mainly delicious. I am still not a lover of herring though (ducks for cover).

Another series of photos for you. More detail soon too.

Lovely lake in Lapland

Me, in Swedish Lapland. See, I told you I was there.

Tree Hotel

The Tree Hotel. I know.

Sweden Day 4

How beautiful is that bright sunshine?



Wild Cranberries


Fishing Rainbow Trout

Fishing (and actually catching) Rainbow Trout


Lingonberries for lunch, and extra for jam

Sweden Day 4

Beautiful lake. We stayed on the shore of this.

Sweden Day 4

Bleak fish, pre popping for roe



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