Happy Hallmark Day

Well, yes, I am a cynic, but I do have a romantic thread, so, I struggle with this day. My conclusion is, it’s great to be romantic but not necessarily with everyone else in the world on the same day, all squashed into heaving restaurants eating over priced food. It just sounds so uncomfortable. Save it for another day, do it more often :-)

Stuck for a present? Got a foodie Valentine? In London? Get thee to Selfridge’s – you still have time. I had a wander around there at the weekend for non V-day reasons and saw, for the flush and decadent amongst you, a leg of pata negra ham wrapped in valentines heart covered paper. Wow! Pretty heart shaped boxes of Godiva chocolates, enormous heart shaped meringue’s, pretty cupcakes and even V-day Marmite with champagne for your marmite-lover. For those of you with more money than sense there’s limited edition bottled water for £29.99.

I am a sucker for pretty things and had great plans for heart shaped delights to treat you with on the blog but I’ve had a busy week and have failed. I’ll store the recipes and use them another time. As I have failed you with a recipe of my own for today, I’ll direct you to pretty & indulgent things on other blogs.

Over at Chowhound, they’re not excluding people like me without a Valentine, so, they’ve two menu’s – one for lovers and one for haters. I like their style!

There’s a rich, indulgent and decadent looking chocolate cake over at Nami Nami.

There’s duck confit with fig and walnut salad over at Stonesoup.

A divine looking chocolate panacotta with vanilla bean syrup and crushed raspberries at The Traveller’s Lunch box.

And lastly, over at Vegan Yum Yum some delicious Mini Coconut Blood Orange Bundt Cakes.

Lots of desserts and lots of chocolate everywhere. It’s a day for indulgence. Enjoy!



Written by Niamh
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