HELP! We NEED YOUR votes! Send us to ARGENTINA!

HELP! We need your votes! Vote No. 5!

There’s less than 23 hours left to vote for us to win a trip to Argentina… I am getting nervous.

We’ve been shortlisted for a competition with the most amazing prize of a trip to Argentina. The vote keeps going up and down and it’s very, very close – currently we’re second.

We’re nearly there – the vote closes at 5pm GMT tomorrow. We need every single vote you can give us.

Please vote for us!


  • We dressed as a gorilla, gave away free fine wines to the public in the center of London ,and made people smile, even the security guard who had to move us on.
  • It was a great idea! And it has kick started a whole series of public guerrilla tastings that you can go to.
  • We deserve it! We work very hard doing all of this stuff for free, and for fun.
  • We’re not winning, or at the very least it’s very close, and we need all of your support.
  • It’s St Patrick’s Day tomorrow – bestow the luck of the Irish on me, and help me WIN!

Want to see what the fuss is all about? Watch the video then vote for no. 5 here:

Tell your colleagues, your friends, your Mum, your Dad! Cousins, cats, togs, pet tortoises. Anyone you know with a computer and an internet connection. It’s good karma and will come back to you in spades, and I promise in return to be as humorous and exciting as possible, to provide great recipes and maybe some more videos. Vote for me, please!

Please note: one vote per computer, all duplicate votes from the same computer are being removed.

Ps. sorry for all of the shouting and excitability, but… ARGENTINA! Please help me win, and I promise to get back in my box for a bit :)



Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.