Home Fried Potato Hoops with Parmesan, Cumin and Chilli, Nominated for the Red Woman of the Year & Kate Bush, Before the Dawn

Home fried potato hoops with parmesan, cumin & chilli.

Home fried potato hoops with parmesan, cumin & chilli.

Well, this week has been pretty good. I was nominated for the Red Woman of the Year yesterday. It was my second time being nominated, and I was really honoured to be included among such brilliant and inspiring women. It was awarded last night to a very deserving Deliciously Ella in the blogger category. Ella has achieved so much at the tender age of 23, and all in an effort to manage a debilitating illness. The result? Success (she no longer requires her medication as the result of her very healthy diet), a beautiful health food blog, a recipe app and a book on the way. She is self taught too. Thomasina Miers, food writer and restaurateur (Wahaca) and Laura Bates of Everyday Sexism, two women that I hugely admire, were recognised too. Good on Red for recognising these women, and also for illustrating their achievements so that they can inspire those coming behind them. You can see all of the winners on the Red website, and in the magazine soon too, I am sure.

I spent last night at Kate Bush’s new mesmerising show, Before the Dawn. You got tickets?! Yes, I was one of the lucky few to secure tickets, I made sure I wouldn’t miss out, and had 2 friends try for me (one succeeded so I am going twice!). I myself had two browsers and five tabs open in each, so I managed to get some too. She, too, is an inspiration. I am a lifelong fan (I heard Wuthering Heights when I was 3, and have been hooked since) and I was so thrilled to be there. The whole audience was so engaged and committed to her every note and move and she got several standing ovations throughout the show. It was the best gig of my life, but so much more. It was theatre, it was drama, it was fantasy, it was powerful and tender. It was all encompassing. After 3 hours, I didn’t want it to end. If you can at all, go.

That leaves me today a little tender, and I needed something to soothe my head and my angry tummy (there may have been some wine consumed last night). So I made home fried potato hoops with parmesan, cumin & chilli. An addict will always find a way, and I have a weakness for crisps and fried goods when I am fragile. These are so good (they are a too frequent midnight snack), and when I tweeted a picture of them earlier I got several requests for the recipe, so here it is.

I use dried potato hoops that I buy in a local Indian shop (they are available online too – search for Far Far Potato Hoops to find merchants, there are a few). Firstly prepare a plate lined with several sheets of kitchen paper. Then fine grate a handful of parmesan into a big bowl that will accommodate the fried potato hoops. Add dried chilli and ground cumin, about a teaspoon of each for me, but taste and adjust to suit you. Mix thoroughly. If you don’t have a deep fat fryer (I don’t), fill a large saucepan with some flavourless oil to about 3 inches (groundnut is good, or sunflower). Bring to 180 deg C, if you don’t have a thermometer test hoops, when they immediately puff up and crisp, the oil is ready. Fry a handful of the hoops and remove with a slotted spoon (they cook in seconds), removing to the kitchen paper lined plate. Quickly transfer to the bowl of spiced parmesan and toss in the cheese while still very hot, so that the cheese melts on to it. Season with sea salt and eat.

If you can’t wait for the potato hoops to arrive, or can’t be bothered, use pasta a la Deep Fried Pasta Snacks with Manchego & Paprika. Yes, deep fried pasta is awesome too.

Who wouldn’t love these homemade crisps?! I don’t want to meet them if they exist.



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