Hong Kong: Staying at The Upper House and that Breakfast

Hong Kong

How could people not love Hong Kong? I just don’t understand it. Some people think it is too smoggy (it can be), too humid (it definitely is) or too busy (depends on your viewpoint, but I live in London so I can cope very well). It is all cramped and busy but this is one of the best things about it. The buzz, the infectious positivity, the passion and determination that seems to drive the very core of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

I love it, I really do. So much so that when I was coming back from New Zealand recently, I stopped off for a few days for a last minute little fix. More on that later. I should first write about my previous trip to Hong Kong last December.

Upper House hotel room

December was a terrific time to visit. It can be quite grim in our part of the world then, so a hop to the other side of the world for some sunshine and fantastic dim sum can be very appealing. I stayed at The Upper House (who had arranged my visit), a beautiful hotel on Hong Kong island, right in the middle of the action. In fact, shoppers, it is right next to a huge mall if that is the focus of your visit. Hong Kong folks love to shop.

Café Gray Deluxe

The devil is in the detail here, it is very well laid out. Large spacious rooms (an unusual feature in Hong Kong), tv in the bathroom mirror so that you can watch it in the bath (while you look out over the Hong Kong skyline too), a toilet bag full of Ren products and the mini bar where all non alcoholic drinks are free. Dangerously the snacks are too. Café Gray Deluxe, the restaurant on the top floor, looks out over a shiny chirpy Hong Kong.

Breakfast dim sum

Breakfast congee

The biggest highlight of the stay, room aside, was the dim sum breakfast which is utterly addictive. I had it every single day. Pork bun, dim sum and congee with abalone and toppings. Served with a fresh juice and a cup of tea. I had to have a coffee too, to feed my addiction. It was an early morning love affair that I look forward to renewing. Next time, I will order it to my room using the iPod in every room with the room service application. Such geekery, perfect in Hong Kong, and I loved it.

The Upper House, Hong Kong


I stayed and dined as a guest of The Upper House



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