How to Make Kimchi Pancakes (Kimchijeon)

Some mornings need a slice of joy, many recently. For me, that is almost always related to an egg, and frequently some spice. All eggs require something to dip in their glorious yolk and disrupt it. Is there any better sauce than a runny egg? And any simpler one? 

I love Korean flavours and I always have kimchi in my fridge. Usually homemade but sometimes shop bought (you can buy it in any Asian food store and most delis). Many experimental ones. Kimchi is kimchi is kimchi. Kimchi is glorious. (For those of you yet to discover it, it is chilli fermented cabbage with a variety of things, usually garlic, ginger , spring onions, something sweet like Asian pear or carrot, and lots of wonderful Korean red pepper, gochugaru). 

I like to make it at home so that I can make something unique and different, and also so that I can make it just as I like it. Just hot enough, just sweet enough, plenty sour and with just enough intensity. Its deep round spicy flavour satisfies every tastebud and it has lots of umami. I am tweaking my regular kimchi recipe at the moment and I will share it here soon.

First, I will share my kimchijeon recipe, for kimchi pancakes brighten every morning that they arrive at my table. Morning, afternoon or evening, they are not strictly a breakfast food, I just love them for breakfast. 

Enjoy! And tell me, do you make kimchi at home, or would you be keen to? I think you should. Come back soon for the recipe. 

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Kimchi Pancakes (Kimchigeon)
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Kimchi Pancakes (Kimchigeon)


  • 125g kimchi
  • 75g flour
  • 150ml water & kimchi juices (se method: a combination of water and kimchi juices for more flavour)
  • two spring onions, chopped into cm segments
  • neutral oil for frying
  • garnish: finely chopped spring onion and coriander leaves


  • Drain the kimchi and coarsely chop it. (I use mak kimchi here, which means chopped kimchi as opposed to whole leaf. It needs chopping further into slightly smaller pieces). Combine the drained kimchi juices with enough water so that it reaches 150ml, for the pancake.
  • Combine with the flour and spring onions and add the water bit by bit, mixing it well with a fork.
  • There should be enough salt in the kimchi but fry a little bit in neutral oil to check the seasoning just in case.
  • Season if appropriate and in a frying pan, heat a tablespoon of neutral oil. Pour your pancake mix into the pan and flatten it with a spatula. You want it even and thin.
  • Cook over a medium heat until you can see that the edges are set and the centre is starting to show bubbles (as with normal pancakes). Turn the pancake with a spatula, or if that seems too nerve wracking slide it on to the plate and flip it gently on to the pan putting the uncooked side on the bottom.
  • Cook for another couple of minutes and fry an egg as you do until it is as you like it.
  • Eat hot with the egg and spring onion and coriander on top.
  • Enjoy!



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