How was your St Patrick’s Day?

How was your St Patrick’s Day? Mine is represented by these tights and this soup. Fun, eclectic, decadent and oh so very green with a tiny hint of glamour. I lived it up and celebrated in style and, boy, am I paying the price today… it’s not easy being green! A little debauchery every now and then is good for the soul though, it’s important to clear out the cobwebs, dance a little jig, sing a song or two and start afresh the next morning.

The soup was the start of a wonderful lunch at Racine in Kensington. It was my first visit, why did it take me so long?! I know Henry on twitter, and he knew that we were coming. We had messaged ahead to ensure that we could have the much feted bone marrow with spring garlic on toast. As a treat he also prepared this gorgeous and special soup for Paddy’s Day for us. A light watercress broth with pike boudin topped with black truffle slices which were arranged like shamrocks. It was gorgeous and very elegant and we loved it. A glorious start to an excellent lunch, which I’ll blog about when I am not quite so tired and hungover.

We won the trip to Argentina too, what a wonderful treat! I am so excited, I can barely contain myself. It was very close and I was never sure we would win it, we certainly wouldn’t have if it weren’t for all of your support. So, thank you all for the votes and for making it happen. We’re off to Mendoza in the Autumn.



Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.