Into My Eighth Year & Greetings from South Africa & #Stellenblog

I just logged on to write a post to let you know what I am up to. And then I spotted a message from wordpress, letting me know that yesterday I headed into my eighth year blogging. How exciting is that? I never remember. Blogging, and this blog in particular, has opened the world up to me, brought some brilliant people into my life and made everything that bit more interesting. Thank you for reading and your lovely comments. I really enjoy them.

Back to today and greetings from South Africa. The Marine in Hermanus to be precise. A lovely ocean front hotel (facing an ocean rich with whales) where I have spent my first comfortable sleepy afternoon. My meander here from my last bacon masterclass in Ireland involved 3 flights and a number of layovers over 24 hours, so, on arrival, I ordered some fish from the fish restaurant below (cape salmon – delicious) and went to sleep for as long as I could. It was wonderful.

I am in South Africa for a week on a trip with iAmbassador. It is two pronged, starting out with an exploration of Overberg, before moving on to Stellenbosch for lots of food, wine and #Stellenblog. I will write over the week and keep you all updated. There is so much to look forward to. Lots of wine, local food and restaurants and other treats like some very early morning baking at a local bakery. You can follow it all on twitter, instagram and facebook (via #VisitOverberg & #Stellenblog), where there will be updates from me but also international and local bloggers.

You can follow my adventures here, and my fellow international bloggers will be posting their take too. So do check in on Keith Jenkins from Velvet Escape, Norman Röhlig from  i-ref and Matt Long from Landlopers.

This campaign was created and sponsored by the Stellenbosch Wine Routes and Destinate in partnership with and managed by iambassador. I maintain full editorial control of the content published, as always.





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