Lazy Grazy Brunch: Eggs in Tomatoes, Iberico Ham, Chorizo & Black Lentils

No egg is an island, at least not for long

I love to travel. I am at my most content when on a train or ferry, calm and relaxed and heading somewhere new with no strains on my time. I enjoy plane journeys for this reason too. It is a rare pleasure to be inaccessible. A short period of invisibility is good for the soul. Times like this are when I come up with most of my ideas, informed with experiences past and anticipated ones of the future, notebook and pen at the ready.

As much as I love being away, I also love to come home. Towards the end of a trip, if I have been away for a bit, I start to need it. Time in my kitchen, lazy days in my pyjamas, indulgent weekend brunches, endless coffees over the weekend papers and in the evening a glass of wine (or two). I especially love the evenings in Autumn, closing in early with a crisp chill. So, even though I have just left the heat of summer behind in Sevilla and British Columbia, I am very happy to be home.

Another joy of travel is the ingredients that I bring home. From Sevilla particularly, I brought jamon, lots of beans, glorious shiny black lentils (lenteja caviar – caviar lentils), Iberico lard, a little bottle of manzanilla, olives and lots of other loveliness. A sleepy afternoon at home, with no plans and little ambition resulted in a cooking marathon that brought me right back home.

This morning, I surveyed the leftovers with a rumbling stomach wondering what would be my brunch. A gentle mound of black lentils cooked in Iberico lard, jamon and chorizo would have to be the centre. Some fresh tomato sauce that I had made to go on pizzas would soften it out and provide some liquid to poach some eggs in. I combined them and tasted, added a little honey to balance, a little worcester sauce for va-va-voom. I cracked in two eggs, and let them cosy in there and cook gently until the white was done, and the yolk was still dripping.

Pyjamas still on, coffee in hand, and these lovely eggs for brunch, the day is mine, and I am taking it.

Happy Sunday.

PS excuse the photo, it is a lazy speedy one from my phone



Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.