Light Lunch: Calamari with Cous Cous,Jammy Roast Tomatoes, Scallions, Pine Nuts & Parsley

Light Lunch: Calamari with Jammy Roast Tomatoes, Scallions, Pine Nuts & Parsley

So, you’ve bought some squid to make the last recipe, and you’ve a little leftover. What to do with it? Lunch! Or supper. Make this lovely light dish in no time at all. It’s packed with flavours and textures and is really delicious. Don’t tell anyone, but I think it might even be healthy too!

I had this today, and in the interest of speediness and keeping it light, I didn’t egg-and-cornmeal the squid as before but just dipped it in seasoned cornmeal on its own, which resulted in a super light and delicious calamari. The cous cous was easy, just normal cous cous, covered in (boiling) hot water in a covered bowl, and left for 10 minutes or so until it absorbs it and becomes fluffy.

I’ve taken to roasting tiny tomatoes at a high temperature until they caramelise and become rich and jammy, they are like a gorgeous flavour bomb when you hit them as you eat. Scallions, well they’re sharp and have a great texture that bounces against the rest. Toasted pine nuts are rich and lovely, who can resist adding extra? Not me. Parsley and lemon juice lift it all.

What more could you need?

Calamari with Jammy Roast Tomatoes, Scallions, Pine Nuts & Parsley


1 squid, cleaned and cut into rings
a handful of small juicy cherry tomatoes
75g cous cous
3 scallions/spring onions, chopped
a handful of chopped parsley
a handful of pine nuts
extra virgin olive oil
juice of half a lemon


Heat the oven to 200 deg C and roast the tomatoes with olive oil and S&P for 10 minutes or so until caramelising/about to burst. Take out and put to the side.

Place the cous cous in a bowl, season lightly and just cover with boiling water from your kettle. Place a plate on top or cover with cling film for 10 minutes or so.

Toast the pine nuts in a dry pan (no oil) over a high heat for a couple of minutes until turning darker brown, but not too dark as they will turn bitter.

Season a bowl of fine cornmeal with S&P, and dip the squid in. It will coat lightly.

Heat some oil in a deep pan, or a frying pan, to 200 deg C, and fry the calamari for no more than a couple of minutes when they are brown or crisp. If you cook for too long they will get tough.

Fork the cous cous and dress with some olive oil and the lemon juice. Toss with the parsley, scallions and pine nuts. Put the tomatoes on top (they will be too delicate to toss) and serve the calamari on top of everything.




Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.