Love at First Sight: My Gorgeous N’Duja Pig

N'Duja Pig

They say that you know when you meet the one. Thunderbolts! Lightning! Love at first sight.

I knew from the first moment that I saw his shiny pink face through the glass, his blush pink nose, his hollow head. Great sausage too. I had to have him, and I had to have him there and then.

I bought that N’Duja pig.

Eh? Whazzat? This, my friends is a pig shaped burner, about the size of an aromatherapy one. But no oils go in here, at least not for fragrance. This burner heats up my N’Duja sausage gently over candlelight and makes it spreadable and warm. It’s a fabulous treat.

N’Duja is a spicy spreadable Calabrian sausage, specifically from a small town Spillinga and the region around it in Southern Calabria. It can be difficult to source but is worth all of your efforts, I promise you. Food fact: it is closely related to the French andouille sausage, used in my previous recipe post for gumbo.

Made using meat from the head (minus the cheeks, which are used for guanciale) and other cuts like shoulder, belly and back fat, roasted hot red peppers give it its characteristic intense fiery taste.

And boy is it fiery! Like chorizo and paprika you can buy dolce or piccante (spicy). I went for spicy today, and calmed it down with some creamy goats cheese on top. It was a perfect and wonderfully indulgent snack. At least the first one was. The second was guilty, the third greedy. I had to hide it from myself then (they were big Swedish crackers).

Londoners who want some of their own pig action, I bought it in Selfridge’s whilst seeking out some elusive sparkling white fresh Iberico pork lard (also amazing and a post in itself, but sadly, not available this time).



Written by Niamh
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