Lucky Chip: Bang On Burgers and Great Chilli Cheese Fries

Oh, it breaks my heart to publish photos now, it really does. Whoever stole my SLR, lenses and iPod, may – whoever is in charge – smite you down with a giant lens shaped object. Anyway, I don’t want to stop blogging, so to fill a temporary gap, I bought a cheap point and shoot, hopefully it will be for just a short time. I felt this keenly, when I went to Lucky Chip recently, and had to use my flash instead of my lens for lowlight, but I liked it so much, I wanted to tell you about it anyway.

So, Lucky Chip is a burger van located in Netil Market Car Park, around the corner from Broadway Market. You can’t miss it, it’s just a van, and the only one in there. This weekend it was licensed with drinks from Off Broadway, but normally it is BYO.

The menu is simple and offers simple burgers – just burgers with cheese in a bun – right through a menu with Burgers like the Selleck through to the burger of the week. We opted for burger of the week, the Jeff Bridges True Grit Burger: Dry-aged Beef Patty, Smoked Bacon, Apple, BBQ, Onion Grits and Cheddar. We opted for some chilli cheese fries on the side, as my American friend Denise misses them very much.

To drink, a bottle of red and a cheeseburger pickle back to drink – three shots: tomato juice, followed by bacon bourbon (my bacon vodka and bourbon recipes will be coming soon!), followed by a shot of pickle brine. Now that was good. I suspect a trace of influence from the Pitt Cue Co boys here, but they had been there the night before, so it’s only natural.

Now, the burgers take some time, but that’s fine, as they are made fresh and they’re very good. The burger was perfectly pink, and huge. Which is not something I normally like in my burger, but this Jeff Bridges burger was an animal of a thing with good flavours and great ingredients. I loved it, I really did. I really need to go back and try the simple one soon.

Jeff Bridges Burger

The chilli cheese fries were also great. Good beef and beans and great fries with decent cheese. I hate the slappy crap that burger obsessives would have you stick on your burger. Although there is one exception to that, the Meatwagon, as their slappy cheese actually has some flavour. I could have done with a bit more heat in the chilli but I am a chilli fiend. So, I will add some chilli next time.

£21 for 2 Jeff Bridges burgers and the chilli cheese fries. The normal burger is cheaper. Worth every penny. I’ll be going back to try the beetroot flavour onion rings which were finished when we visited, the simple burger and naked fries.

Not food related but important, bonus points go to Lucky Chip for a great playlist.

Follow them on facebook as that seems to be where they most frequently update on menu changes and location changes.

Lucky Chip, Netil Market, London Fields, E8 3RL, Tuesdays-Sundays



Written by Niamh
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