Lunch at Dabbous: the lunch you can all have, at the bar

Dabbous Bar

I can’t eat at Dabbous! So went the lament when I blogged my recent lunch there. Famously, Dabbous is booked for dinner until 2013, and for lunch, well into the Autumn. But, you can eat there. For underneath the marvellous restaurant that is Dabbous is a rather fabulous bar, Oskar’s Bar.

We popped in before lunch and I thought, why isn’t anyone talking about here? There are (great) cocktails and good looking bar food. A good playlist, it is a nice space, and everyone is really friendly.

Dabbous Bar

So, why isn’t everyone talking about it? I don’t know.

I have been back twice since. Once with a friend on a Saturday for a few cocktails and lots of chicken wings. Those chicken wings are fairly addictive, I dare you to order one portion and leave it at that. Crispy chicken wings with fenugreek and toasted garlic. What can be wrong with that? Nothing. They are boneless and a perfect bite. Some chicken fat was left behind on the slate. If I weren’t in polite company, I would have been tempted to lick it off.

Cocktails at Dabbous London

I wanted to try the black pudding, but the chicken wings were even a greedy step too far as I had already been out for lunch. Oskar advised that the black pudding would be going off the menu for Tuesday, making room for the famous coddled egg. I had to go back.

Chicken wings and cocktails at Dabbous

So, back again today (such hardship) for more chicken wings and that black pudding with homemade mango chutney and a fried hens egg. Dreamy, I am just sad I can’t have it next time.

Homemade black pudding with mango chutney and a fried hens egg

We also had Barbecued Iberico pork, savory acorn praline, turnip tops, homemade apple vinegar. A simplified version of the one on the tasting menu but really delicious and a bargain for Iberico pork at £16.

Barbecued Iberico pork, savory acorn praline, turnip tops, homemade apple vinegar at Dabbous

The cocktails are terrific. The list is fun, quirky and delicious. The disco rhubarb with Skåne akvavit, homemade rhubarb syrup and apple juice is served over crushed ice accompanied lunch today. It was fresh, and light and very summery. Previously I have had That drink with mezcal (Mezcal Vida, Platte Valley corn whiskey, Cynar, apricot brandy and passion fruit syrup stirred) – a must try for any negroni lover.

So, go there and eat, drink and be merry. I doubt it will be long before I am back for more. The coddled egg from the tasting menu is on the bar menu now and there is a wagyu steak sandwich that I just have to try.
My review of the lunch tasting menu at Dabbous

Pssst – I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago – Dabbous is closed for summer holiday at the moment but will be back in action soon, so call to check before turning up.



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