Menu for Hope – Just one more day to buy your ticket!

There’s just one more day to buy your ticket for Menu for Hope. Here’s an update from Pim:

We are getting so close to 50K I can smell it! It’s pretty clear now that we will beat our last year’s record before the campaign ends at the end of the week, but by how much, that’s for YOU to decide.

We have so many great prizes on our Menu for Hope this year that some of them haven’t enjoyed as much attention as they deserve. That means, my friends, you’ve got really good odds at getting those wonderful prizes with your $10 raffle ticket.

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? If you’re running behind, why not consider getting some on your list Menu for Hope raffle tickets instead of a present? They can feel good about helping the hungry, and they might even win something. It’s great all around.

My Europe host Fanny at Foodbeam has put up a list of her favorite prizes on her blog, while Adam over in New York showed you the under-appreciated prizes his East Coast list. Johanna and Jeanne in London also has one. Check them out.

She’s also got some great pictures taken by the kids in Lesotho on her blog. Have a look.

Jeanne from Cook Sister has posted: Want to make almost 100% sure you win something in Menu for Hope?

Take a look for info on prizes with few bids – you’ve a very good chance!

Menu for Hope 4

More on how to buy a raffle ticket and prizes here



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