My New Book, Bacon the Cookbook, Publishes on Thursday

​Bacon the Cookbook is now on sale! It is packed with gorgeous, tasty recipes and is a perfect antidote to the pandemic. It is a limited print release and is available from An ebook will go on sale next week also. 

Some good news for 2020. A new cookbook from me!

I am so very excited to let you know that my second cookbook, Bacon the Cookbook, publishes this week (on Thursday 17th December!). It is 224 pages of words and recipes devoted to Bacon and recipes and colour.

There are 80+ recipes, lots of photography, some wittering and a little pontification, but in the very best way, as you will expect. The recipes veer from the familiar to the unexpected and the outright comforting.

If you love bacon, and doing something a little different in the kitchen, you will love this book. You don’t need to be an expert, every recipe is explained in detail, and I keep it light. If you are already a competent cook, it is full of new ideas for you! There are lots of tidbits of info, and tips too.

Dare I say it is the perfect antidote to the pandemic. Yes, I do! These are big claims, but I spent a very long time on this book, and you will see that the book lives up to it. I have worked too hard and for too long on this to be understated. Why must we be understated to be accepted? I can’t help but rebel.

How did Bacon the Cookbook come about?

You may remember that fizz of bacon action which was very visible here some years back. My Bacon Masterclasses and Sunday Bacon Club, maybe you even attended and caught the bug. That evolved into the idea for this book, and I have been working on it for the last, well, quite a few years! 

I worked with a wonderful publisher (Quadrille) for my first book. For my second book, I wanted to work on something that was more design oriented and I wanted more of my personal stamp on it. I wanted to be more involved. I decided that I would embark on what would prove to be quite an extensive and intense publishing journey.

Bacon the Cookbook – the contents and a preview of some of the recipes

There are 9 sections. I won’t share a full list of recipes here, just a selection. I will save the rest for when you see the book.

There are a few irresistible nods to the favourite Irish combination of Bacon and Cabbage (our actual national dish) but otherwise, a few comfort food classics aside, these are mainly new, from my kitchen to yours, with enthusiasm and affection.

  • Bacon Brunch – because brunch is essential and bacon in brunch is essential too. Maple bacon rolls (think cinnamon rolls, the bacon version); cheesy potato waffles with bacon and kale; bacon and egg breakfast tacos and bacon sausage bread. 
  • Bacon Bites – for when you need them, and we always do. These make great food for sharing too. Beer battered bacon with chipotle mayonnaise; bacon and cabbage dumplings; bacon wrapped halloumi with tamarind and tomato sauce and dates with bacon and blue cheese. 
  • Feel-Good Comfort Food – recipes for everything your heart and stomach desires on the days that you most need them. Cracklin’ cornbread with jalapeño bacon beans; boozy bacon clams; bacon and egg curry and parmesan gnocchi with bacon and cabbage. 
  • Feeding Friends – because they love bacon too and I love feeding my friends, usually when there is no pandemic. We can plan! You can of course make all of these for your good self. Bacon beer cheese dip; scallops with bacon jam and tomato; bacon chops with charred peaches, tomato and basil; chicken, bacon and cider pie and chipotle cola bacon slab will be one of your new obsessions. Lots of shareable joy in here. 
  • Bacon BBQ – because of course you put bacon on the BBQ! Red-eye bacon ribs; bacon piri-piri spatchcock chicken; cheese stuffed back beef burgers and bacon and chilli corn on the cob. 
  • Bacon is Sweet – where I get both serious and properly playful, because let me tell you, bacon is brilliant in sweet things. Like candied bacon fudge; butter toffee with candied bacon and chocolate; bacon bourbon chocolate brownies; bacon and salted caramel popcorn and bourbon and bacon ice cream.
  • Bacon Pantry – a whole stash of bacon flavour bombs ready for easy access. All the candied bacons; 4 bacon jams; Bacon maple butter, bacon chipotle ketchup and bacon hot sauce. 
  • Bacon Curing – how to cure your own at home (it’s so easy!) and some recipes for doing just that, and how to do this safely. Including hot toddy bacon; maple bacon; seaweed bacon and gojuchang, soy and lime bacon.
  • Small Baconpedia – includes some details on traditional Irish bacon curing and some info for you on nitrites, why they are used in bacon curing and the science surrounding their effects, distilled in plain english.

The end result is a book full of heart and soul. It is colourful, vibrant and both energetic and laid back. It is a heady mix of the familiar and gorgeous to the unexpected. It will be there for you whatever kind of day you are having, your friend in the kitchen. The first copies arrived last week, and I am delighted with them. They are so vibrant, which is exactly what I wanted. I can’t wait to send them to you.

Bacon the Cookbook is a high quality print book with sustainability at heart

I wanted this book to be entertaining, beautiful and useful. I wanted its environmental footprint to be small, and so it is printed on uncoated FSC paper (which is recyclable and renewable). There are several eco-friendly options, regardless this would absolutely be my paper of choice as it looks and feels great.

The hardback cover has a scratch proof matt finish, which makes it pop and also makes it sturdy in the kitchen. I hope that it spends a lot of time in kitchens and so I gave it the armour that it needed for that. It is printed in full colour, and there is a lot of colour inside. We took advantage of that!

All of the associated products (tea towels, totes, cards) are produced in an environmentally sensitive and ethical manner. The books will be delivered in biodegradable and recyclable envelopes. Even the envelopes are being delivered to me in a carbon neutral delivery. Every decision I made that could have an environmental impact, I gave it a lot of thought and tried to find the best way I could.

Bacon the Cookbook interior shot

This print run is a limited print release

This is a small print run, primarily for my original backers (and many of you are here, hello, please check Kickstarter of you haven’t for a lot of updates and information!) and existing pre-sales. There are some available for sale right now, but once they are gone they are gone. 

The print run is limited because I am working within my resource capabilities, in terms of finances and time. I invested a lot in the book itself up front, which left a limited amount for the print run. I also need to learn how this works properly, and the best way to do that, is to start small.

It is on sale now, along with some gorgeous merch designed by my brilliant illustrator Tim Biddle. We have two types of tea towel, two types of tote bag, charity bacon Christmas cards and, of course, the book on

Season’s Eatings Bacon Christmas Card
Bacon the Cookbook tote bag
Bacon the Cookbook tote bag

Will there be an ebook of Bacon the Cookbook? 

There will be an ebook too which will publish shortly after the print book has been delivered. I am doing both (at this stage I am doing everything), and I can only do one thing at a time. Amazon needs a couple of days to process things also. It will be live as soon as possible, and certainly before Christmas.

Make sure you grab yourself a print copy while they are still available. Once they are gone, that will be it for a while. I am really glad that I did this by myself, I was able to be engaged at every stage of the process, especially design. I had an editor to check on my work, and I worked with an excellent and patient printer who delivered a book that I am delighted with. The things that I have learned, it is quite a list!

When is the next print run? 

I don’t have the resources of a bigger publisher, in terms of time or money, so I don’t intend on printing it again for at least a few months. This has been such a big investment of time and energy, I am going to take a break and think about I want to do next, and in what order. I want to plan, and not rush. I have also been so focussed on this for a long time, that everything else has slipped, including this site.

I have plans, including redesigning and relaunching Eat Like a Girl and redesigning and reprinting my first book Comfort and Spice. I would like to complete these before the second print run of Bacon the Cookbook and send them all off together, as you would children to school. These three things define my last decade in food (this website the last 14 years!), and while Bacon the Cookbook has a clean face and a freshly ironed school uniform, the other two aren’t even out of bed and there is work to do.

When does Bacon the Cookbook ship?

Bacon the Cookbook will ship on the 17th and 18th if everything stays on deadline, which it currently is. Royal Mail says this is enough time to get to you by Christmas, in the UK and Ireland, but please understand that I am not Royal Mail or An Post in Ireland. I will follow their rules and ship it on time, and that is all I can do. I have been keeping a close eye and both are experiencing delays at the moment, due to self isolating staff and the pandemic generally. I think we have all learned to expect that everyone is doing the best that they can and we need to be patient.

I am also sending the book to the USA and Canada. These take just under a week to the US, and up to 9/10 days for Canada. I can send this book anywhere with a postal address, just reach out to me and I will find out the best way to send it to you, in terms of price and time. It would be a pleasure! Email me at hello [at] and put Bacon the Cookbook Delivery to COUNTRYNAME in the title. It is good advice generally to label all emails relating to the book with the book name and I will prioritise them.

Delivery from 2021 and Brexit

We also need to talk about Brexit and how this impacts things. Le Sigh. I have been advised that I will likely need to add customs charges for any orders from the New Year outside of the UK and I have already been sent a big roll of customs labels. There may generally be issues both with distribution and with data too, and I expect *everything* as we still have no idea how this is going to work. So, my advice is, if you want the book, do order it now.  

That’s it for now! I am sorry it has been so long since I posted regularly here, but the book was absolutely worth it! I will be back and refreshed soon. I hope that you are all well and that the pandemic hasn’t impacted you too awfully. If it has, I am so sorry, and I hope things get better for you soon.

With Thanks to My Brilliant Team

I wrote, managed and published this myself, yes, but with the aid of a brilliant team who I both hugely respect and enjoyed working with. Each of them brought something special to the book and helped me to execute and evolve my vision for what was only in my head. They helped me to evolve it into something better with their wonderful contributions. Very grateful!

Tim Biddle – cover design and illustrations, layout

Karyn Noble – editorial

Georgia Glynn Smith – photography (with a few exceptions, noted in the book)

Anita Mangan – art direction and illustrations for the photoshoot, original page designs

Anne Pichon – my brilliant friend and scientific editor, Anne, deserves a special mention for ensuring there was clarity and precision with the Small Baconpedia

Thanks also to Lara Brotherton and Siobhán Nagle who volunteered to help on the photoshoot and helped keep things moving.

So many friends helped along the way, and I am eternally grateful for their support, wise advice and encouragement.

I am totally imagining both editors wincing at what they would change in this piece. No editors on the blog, for now. It is what it is! Just a notepad for my thoughts and recipes :)

Photography in this post is © Georgia Glynn Smith

Illustrations in this post © Tim Biddle



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