‘Nduja Chickpeas with Tomato, Coriander and Scrambled Egg

Lockdown marches on and takes us along with it. I hope you are doing ok and it is not proving too difficult and that Covid has not impacted your life directly. If it has, I hope you are doing ok. I have been fairly silent here, which was not my intention. But, I am back now and I have lots to share with you. Lots of this will be recipes too. 

It won’t surprise you to hear that the publication of my book, Bacon, has been impacted by Covid. The latest in a litany of hurdles but the last one. My printer was affected by the Italian lockdown but things are moving again and I will keep you updated as to when Bacon will be on sale. I am also planning on publishing an updated version of Comfort & Spice after that with a fresh design and a light rethink. But Bacon first, and I can’t wait to share it.

Chickpeas for breakfast? Yes! And YES again.

This morning, I will share with you what I had for breakfast today. ‘Nduja has powered many of my lockdown meals, as has gojuchang. Both give instant flavour and can create a meal in minutes. This morning, I combined it with some chickpeas which I cooked up yesterday (I prefer home-cooked to tinned in terms of flavour and texture, and they work out cheaper too).

I had intended to serve the chickpeas with a fried egg on top (#putaneggonit!), but the egg broke as I cracked it into the pan. At first, I despaired (genuinely) but then I realised that that fragile yolk had done me a favour and that some scrambled egg folded through the chickpeas (as with Turkish menemen) was gorgeous and it is one to be repeated. 

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Written by Niamh
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