New Favourite London Haunt: Duck Soup

It’s time for a little break from my Croatia adventures and a little bit on London. I thought that I would tell you about where I have been spending a lot of my time there: Ducksoup.

Ducksoup is a new London restaurant on Dean St in Soho. Frankly, if you haven’t heard of it by now, you must be living under a rock. Soho is so exciting right now, with new resaurants that have character, great food and drinks. A perfect antidote to depressing chains, Koya (opened last year-ish) is a favourite, Ducksoup is of the same ilk. Relaxed, deceptively simple with attention to detail in every aspect, and very reasonably priced it has natually proved very popular already.

Quail with Burnt Tomato

Chef, Julian Biggs, ex head chef at Hix amongst others, serves up a handwritten menu of full flavoured food, updated daily on their tumblr and twitter. A record player plays vinyl in the background (I have heard that you can bring your own), the atmosphere is fun and buzzy, and the (natural) wine list is updated frequently and is very good. Plates are priced at £3.50 for a snack size, £7 for a small plate (e.g. the quail) and £14 for large dishes like fritto misto or lamb chops.

Chickpea, parmesan and bread soup - delicious and a bargain at £3.50

Food highlights were the fritto misto with incredibly fresh, bouncy squid sticking in my memory; quail (twice) once with burnt lemon and harissa and another time with burnt tomato; bright orange, sweet and rich violina pumpkin with sharp creamy goats curd, chopped hanger steak and toast.

Violina Pumpkin with Goats Curd

Natural wines are the wines on offer here. Natural wines, if you don’t know, are wines that have no chemicals (bar a little sulphur in bottle as a preservative), ferment with the natural yeasts of the grape, and have had little interference. Some winemakers follow the lunar cycle, others apply more intense biodynamic techniques, but the common denominator is that there is no gunk in them. Now that can only be a good thing, right? They taste good too. A world away from the generic wines on offer in most supermarkets. People say they are hangover free but I have drank too much of several to prove otherwise. I do still love them though. All wines are available by the glass and for the quality, are extremely reasonable.

I could go on. But I’ll save you that and just recommend that you go there. Save a seat for me though! I have been four times (I told you I liked it) and the last few times, it has been so busy, and deservedly so. I am sure that you will like it as much as I do.



Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.