News! Shortlisted for the Food Blog of the Year Award by the Guild of Food Writers

Did you just read that? I did! pinch

I am so excited. This is the first time that the Guild of Food Writers have recognised blogs explicitly  – they have had a broader new media award which was difficult for blogs to compete in as it was usually very big sites that made that shortlist, with rare exception. A blog is an individual and imperfect adventure, it is not sub edited and anything beyond that is something else.  It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that not only have the OFM recognised us with an award, so too have the GFW with this.

Anyway, I am quick to ramble. I am obviously thrilled to have made the list and congratulations to my two wonderful co-shortlistees (is that even a word?). I look forward to raising a glass with you on May 30th and may the best woman win.

Food Blog of the Year Award

Eat Like a Girl ( by Niamh Shields

The English Can Cook ( by Kerstin Rodgers

Poires au Chocolat ( by Emma Gardner



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