One gorgeous morning

Courgette Flowers

I’m not a morning person. I never have been. One Christmas morning, when I was 3 years old, my mother came to my bedroom at 11am to find me still in bed. I asked if Santa had come. He had. I didn’t want to get up though so asked her if she would bring me my presents. Shameful! If you’re wondering, she didn’t.

I am trying to become one though, or at least be a little better. I am definitely better than that morning when I was 3! The consequences of my indulgent lifestyle are starting to show, and I am not being paranoid, I was offered a seat on the tube last week. No more empire line tops for me! For the moment at least. So, one bright sunny morning, determined to set the day off nicely, and to fit in a little walk en route to work, I rose at 6.15am (yes: 6.15AM), and set off to work at 7am. 7am. Yes, that’s right.

I got off the tube at Oxford Circus and strolled down towards one of my favourite spots, Fernandez & Wells. The last time I’d been in I had noticed a sign stating that they now do breakfasts and I was curious. So, off I went, a meander through Soho, culminating on Lexington St. I couldn’t believe how quiet it was.

I couldn’t quite believe it, but I was too early! So, I wandered further, then returned at 8am for a delicious crumpet with some kind of pancetta and a fried egg with some Monmouth filter coffee. Sadly I didn’t have my camera so I have no photo to show you my delicious and pretty breakfast. I made a promise to myself to treat myself to breakfasten route to work more often.

Time then to walk off breakfast. I walked to Green Park, then through the park to St James Park, quite near where I work. St James Park has an allotment, and it’s brimful of produce right now. I couldn’t help but stop and take a peak. A number of gardeners were there and one was eating a raw courgette he had just plucked from the ground. I spotted the plant, and spotted all the courgette flowers. SWOOON! I asked what he did with them, sadly there is a lady who gets them already. He asked what I would do with them and I told him I would stuff them with cheese and fry them in a tempura batter. He then kindly gifted me a few and made my morning.

I was chuffed! Lovely breakfast, gorgeous walk in the sun and now a bunch of courgettes with their bounty of glorious yellow flowers! I was so excited. I had never had them fresh from the plant before and had no idea how big the flowers are and that they open so wide. They closed through the day (all the better for stuffing them) and I rushed home gleefully and promptly fried them that evening.

It was very straight forward. As delicately as I could, I removed the stamens, then put some Crozier Blue cheese in half and Knockalara cheese in the other half. I made a standard, simple tempura batter and filled my cast iron pot half way with oil. When a cube of bread fried quickly, turning brown, I knew it was hot enough. I battered the courgettes and fried them for a couple of minutes and served them drizzled with honey (inspired by the beauties at Salt Yard & Dehesa).

They were so good. So good in fact that I promptly found myself a courgette plant which is happily growing in my back garden. My first crop of 2 courgettes will be ready any day now. Delicious! I’ll perfect the recipe and blog it with my own home grown courgettes soon.



Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.