Parsley & thyme potato salad with homemade mayonnaise

Parsley & Thyme Potato Salad

My animal instincts have kicked in, all I seem to want to do is eat high fat foods and go hibernate, I blame this weather! Half the country is flooded and the rest seems to think it’s November. What’s the answer to this misery? Potato salad. Proper homemade potato salad with a homemade mayonnaise packed full of tasty herbs. Mayonnaise is a tricky one. I’ve made it by hand and have had some heart breaking moments when it has split, once in desperation when it had I added the leftover egg white and discovered that it was a rescue remedy (and could be done in the blender!) and so I have this quick mayonnaise recipe, which, while it isn’t a traditional french mayo will fool you into thinking it is with it’s concocted french tones. My aching hand was delighted to dispose of the wooden spoon. I still make the real one when I am feeling purist but I wasn’t this day, I was happy with my speedy compromise and wanted my potato salad and wanted it fast, so here it is. It’s worth making the extra effort to make your mayonnaise, especially in a blender as it takes such little time and you get a much better result than that gloop you buy in jars. Although (French people look away!), I do use that too on occasion…

I used small new charlotte potatoes for this but you could use any potatoes atall. I left the skins on mine as they’re new and the skins are thin and delicious, if yours aren’t new probably best to peel them. Lots of herbs go well with potatoes but I used parsley and thyme. You could use rosemary, sage, mint or maybe even oregano. For the mayonnaise, I like to use half extra virgin olive oil as I love the flavour but you can use just vegetable oil if you like. The mayonnaise recipe will make more than you need and will keep for a week in your fridge. Make sure your egg is at room temperature if you keep them in the fridge. I prefer not to as eggs don’t need to be in there and they’re best used at room temperature. Also, as eggs are porous they can, and have, absorbed the smells of strong cheeses or other strong smells from your fridge. They are best kept in their little boxes away from strong smells in a cool spot, not necessarily a fridge. I buy mine weekly from the farmers market and rarely have them for more than a week so it’s fine.

The recipe follows.



1 whole egg
125mls good extra virgin olive oil
125mls vegetable oil
2 tsp mustard (I used dijon)
1 tbsp lemon juice
Fresh ground S&P


A handful of flat leaf parsley, chopped
Some sprigs of thyme (5 or 6 should do)
Approx 10 small new potatoes or 3-4 larger ones, precooked and peeled if they aren’t new
4 spring onions (scallions), finely sliced
Some lemon zest (from teh lemon you’re using for the mayonnaise)


Blend the egg, lemon, mustard & S&P in a blender.
Add the oil drop by drop, in a steady trickle. Takes about 5 minutes or so.
Adjust seasoning and add more lemon if necessary. It’s nice quite lemony for this salad.
Chop the potatoes into dice if large or halve and slice if small.
Mix with the parsley thyme & spring onions.
Add your mayo and season to taste.
Serve with some lemon zest on top.

Note: You can use the leftover mayonnasie for an egg mayonnaise, just exclude the thyme and replace the potatoes with the egg. It’s really nice with potato and egg too, a meal in itself really.



Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.