Postcard from Barcelona, Day 2

I woke up reasonably grumpy today, mainly very tired, and plan free. I don’t like to plan too heavily when I travel, as I like a little free range explore and the freedom to be lazy, frankly. As I left my hotel this morning that’s exactly what I did. Wander, slowly and slightly lazily, watching as I went.

I followed the sound of some church bells, peeling in the distance, they were joyful and I knew there would surely be activity nearby. Choir song burst out of a basement. I happened upon a gorgeous large church, and just as I arrived the doors jolted open and people erupted out. Children had footballs that they were already bouncing and adults joined in. It evolved from a quiet moody square to one that was  jostling, playful and quite busy. Girls in communion dresses wandered around, clearly proud of their elegance. In the corner there was a lovely little tapas bar (Fragments Cafe). I thought coffee.

This pic from phone... I didn't have my camera

This pic from phone... I didn't have my camera

Despite the menu being in English as well as Spanish it was an entirely local affair. I was the only English speaker there from what I could see. I started with coffee and progressed to a refreshing glass of vermut (local vermouth with an orange slice and two green olives served within) which was presented with a free tapas. Did I mention I love it here? Some iberico jamon croquetas later and I was sold and very happy. Some foods just get those endorphins flowing, croquetas are definitely one.

This pic from phone... I didn't have my camera

A wander around Barcelona to build up the appetite and help digest breakfast brought me by many of the sights and near the sea. The evening finished perfectly with some great tapas and wine with another visiting London food blogger, Sabrina Ghayour at La Vinya Del Senyor, a gorgeous local bar in the shadow of the looming impressive Santa Maria del Mar.

What will tomorrow bring? Who knows. That’s how I like it.

La Vinya Del Senyor

Santa Maria Del Mar

Taking a Break at Santa Maria del Mar

Santa Maria Del Mar - I do not know this guy! It's totally random.

Santa Maria Del Mar

Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down at Sagrada Famiglia

Sagrada Famiglia



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