Potsticker Sausage and Kale Dumplings

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What is it about dumplings that makes them so irresistible? Silky carbs enclosing gorgeousness, what is not to love?! 

I make dumplings more than is reasonable. Often I make the wrappers myself, it is worth the effort and is somewhat soothing when there is time. There are several recipes on the blog for dumplings already including wrappers (like this Beef & GInger Jiaozi recipe). I do use store bought wrappers too though, which do the job quite well (shop around as they vary), especially when pressed for time or on the road.

Making Handmade Chinese Style Dumplings

For now lets focus on Chinese style dumplings. Chinese style because they look like them and are most certainly inspired by them, but inside the filling for this dumpling is very Irish. Sausage dumplings are something that I have made for a while. I love Irish sausages so much that I had to make them with those, mixed with a little gorgeous kale to loosen the sausage mix and add texture and flavour. 

These are so easy, and very frugal. The amounts here will make 8 dumplings, but that depends on the size of your wrapper so lets say 8-10. Multiply as appropriate. Don’t stress too much about folding, it comes easy with practice. Here, a video that shows how to do it, but you can just pinch them closed too or as some restaurants do in Chinatown, press them closed. Just make sure they are secure and tight. I generally fold them for that extra security and they look better too. In the video Jason also rolls the dough, which is useful if you plan to make your wrappers from scratch. 

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Potsticker Sausage and Kale Dumplings
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Potsticker Sausage and Kale Dumplings


    per 8-10 dumplings
  • 8 - 10 dumplings skins
    dumpling filling
  • 200g sausage meat (sausage meat removed from the skins)
  • 1 clove garlic, peeled and finely chopped
  • 1 tsp peeled and finely chopped ginger
  • 1 tbsp chopped fresh chives and abundant fresh coriander (or to taste - I love it - leave it out and add more chives if you don't)
  • 50g kale removed from the stem and chopped small
  • oil for frying
    dipping sauce
  • 50ml chinkiang (black) vinegar
  • 1 tsp chilli oil
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • fresh coriander leaves
  • finely sliced spring onions


  • Combine all of the ingredients for your dipping sauce and leave on the side.
  • Combine all of the filling ingredients except the kale and combine well with a fork. Add the kale and mix through well.
  • Have a glass or bowl of water ready on the side. Put some water around the edges of the wrapper then put a heaped teaspoon of filling in the middle (take care not to overfill as this is how they burst). Press closed firmly and then fold, as in the video above. There are lots of different folding techniques and plenty of excellent instruction on Youtube.
  • Using a frying pan with a lid (or a plate the size of the pan to cover it) heat a couple of tablespoons of oil over a medium heat before adding the dumplings. When they are golden brown and crisp on the bottom - about 2-3 minutes - add a generous splash of hot water from the kettle (about 180ml roughly). Do this carefully as the oil will spit. Cover immediately and allow to the dumplings to cook in the steam for about 10 minutes until cooked through. Keep an eye on the water levels and add more a little at a time if it dries out.
  • Sprinkle the dumplings with coriander and spring onion. Serve hot with the dipping sauce. You can serve the sauce on the side, often I pout it around the dumplings.
  • Enjoy!
  • https://eatlikeagirl.com/potsticker-sausage-and-kale-dumplings/



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