Preview: Food Fight Club from Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty Tomorrow (I am on it :)

There are so may things that I do that are a lot of fun. I know I am lucky. Earlier this year, I did some filming for Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty’s new series, Food Fight Club.

Exciting, eh?

There were 8 of us bloggers gathered around a table. We knew we were eating offal,and most of us were comfortable with that. The offal we consumed though, at one point, took almost all of us by surprise.

Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight Club begins on Channel 4 at 9pm on Thursday 6th December, and we are in the first episode. Tune in to see it. You can watch the preview now too below. How to eat well on camera? I have yet to crack it.

ADVANCE NOTICE: it was a very hot day and was filmed in a hot kitchen. My Irish constitution and pale face resulted in a big red face for most of it. At least I matched my lipstick to it, eh?!



Written by Niamh
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